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I've had a bit of a strange week as our very old lady cat passed away recently after being ill for a long time and we were devastated in all honesty. We weren't planning on getting another cat but Beau was missing Cosy and kept looking for her.

Last week, my boss told me that a few months ago her friend had found a tiny kitten in the field outside her house after it had been combined by the farmer. She left him in a makeshift shelter outside for a week in the hope that his mum would come back for him, but she never did. Eventually she brought him in and looked after him, but she already had two cats and they didn't really get on with him. A long story, short baby Pepe is sat next to me on the sofa, staring at me and wondering what the hell I'm doing taping away on the laptop.

Anyway, my first book 'The Dinner Lady Detectives' is now available for review on netgalley!

I've had some amazing feedback so far! Thank you so much to anyone who has read the book and left a review. I also had an amazing first blog review which you can read here.

If you are local to the Chepstow area, I am signing books at Chepstow Bookshop on the 19th of November at 1pm. Come along if you want to meet me and probably my Mum, who has bought about 6 million copies.

This has been a crazy journey for me so far. Usually, the most exciting part of my week is hiding in a kitchen catering a wedding so this has all been particularly unreal. Thank you to all who have preordered a copy of my book, it really means the world to me.

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