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Praise for the Dinner Lady Detectives Series

'Hendy is, by far, one of the very best cosy writers we have - and A Frightfully Fatal Affair sees her on sparkling form'

Jonathan Whitelaw 

Author of the Bingo Hall Detectives


'Hannah is at the top of the tree of modern whodunnits. The characters, bar none, are real; the settings are glorious and the plots are devilishly clever'

Ian Moore

Author of Death and Croissants 


'Twisty, delightful, and laugh-out-loud funny. I fell in love with Margery and Clementine from the first page'

Antony Johnston 

Author of the Dog Sitter Detective


'Who knew being a dinner lady could be so dangerous - but so much fun?! With a plot that's twistier than school dinner spag bol, Clem and Margery are the only school dinner ladies guaranteed to give you belly laughs rather than indigestion.' 

Fiona Leitch 

Author of The Cornish Village Murder


'I really enjoyed this - a terrific zesty look at the dark underside of a modern-day secondary school'

J.M Hall 

Author of A Spoonful of Murder


'The world’s one and only (probably!) Welsh dinner lady detectives go undercover in a murder mystery that’ll warm the cockles of cosy-crime fans like a cwtch on a cold day.' 

Joanne Owen

For Love Reading


'Hendy has written a great mystery with marvellous character work and a perfect blend of clues and red herrings that will have you scratching your head till the end.'

Billie Ingram Sofokleous

For Buzzmag


'This cosy crime novel has some hilarious moments and is perfect to curl up with.'

Heat Magazine

'An imaginative version of the cosy crime genre with the amusing perspective of dinner lady protagonists.'

Jeremy Black

For The Critic Magazine

'A brilliant read!'



'A brilliant whodunnit!'


'A really fun cosy crime read'


'A captivating murder mystery'

Women's Own


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