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The truth isn't the only thing that's dead and buried...

Following recent changes to Dewstow's local police force, The Dinner Lady Detectives, Margery and Clementine Butcher-Baker, have been warned off interfering in investigations. When a body is found under the school playground during building renovations, they have absolutely no intention of getting involved.

The pair are in need of money to pay for their new website though, and begrudgingly agree to help Mrs Redburn, who suspects her husband of having an affair. It's a simple case that couldn't possibly be a police matter. But when their investigation sends them stumbling into the middle of the playground mystery, it becomes impossible for them to stay out of the police's way. Can they get to the bottom of whose body is under the playground and uncover the truth about Mr Redburn, or will they end up digging their own graves?

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